The fullest professional offer for visualizing sound since 1997

As a thermal camera, ACB provides services or video acoustic cameras in order to answer your question :

“What or where in the noisiest area ? “ or “which acoustic source should I start with to reduce noise most effectively ?”

Reducing noise wherever it is, is the most effective method and therefor probably the cheapest. ACB is specialized in noise sources detection of any type :

  • Distant or very distant noise (eg. the noisiest industrial chimney)
  • Impulsive noise (eg. Door closing)
  • Increasing noise (eg. Run up engine power)
  • Unusual noise (eg. Aerodynamic noise)



Our products :

Mobile Sound

for a quick detection
of the noisiest area

Portable Acoustic
Video System

for measuring and analyzing
pictures and acoustic video
in real time,



Acoustic Video
System Versatile

range to meet high
performance expectations