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Acoustic camera



MSV Product shows the object or the area the most responsible of total noise by a spot on video.
Interest is to make easier, faster and more efficient the detection of total noise or noise pollution in the aim to reduce it at cost as little as possible.

All features have an automatic mode. MSV is fully operational from the start, detecting noise sources from centimeters to some meters. By zooming, it’s possible to adjust manually distance of detection up to tens meters.


MSV is useful to a larger number of cases. It is able to show where comes from major source as the example :

  • MSV is able to detect long noise or very short event.
  • It’s possible to detect disturbing noise too, very quickly by listening



Finally, MSV has essential functions as pictures or video recording in the aim to easily communicate to people.

ACB Engineering provides a computer centre allowing detection of source noise by performances increased. By the way, user can record full data and forward it to ACB center by web site. In return, applicant will receive acoustic pictures and video where resolution will be increased compared to MSV detection.